Sebastiano Laini

Site Reliability Engineering & Full Stack Engineer



What is programming for Me?

Web programming makes communication easier between companies, as well as internally within themselves and also externally with customers.

Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed everything that has something to do with technology: computers, video games, and finally, what started as a hobby became my profession.

For me, it is essential to keep myself updated in a dynamic world, I am a highly motivated, hardworking and tenacious individual. I specialize in Full-Stack Web Development, and I am also a computer technician.

Employment evolution and concerns

I started my work experience as a hardware technician, meeting the company’s needs and offering consulting by software (company’s management).

Continuing with my career, I have had the opportunity to work in the Apple Store of Madrid Sol, I specialized in Apple's operational systems and devices where I acquired many new skills knowledge as well as being up to date with the technology advances from a very competitive sector where renovating and being on trend is a must.

This work experience not only taught me technical skills, but also gave me the opportunity to work in a team, where I met lots of people, some of them related to the world of programming, and what began as mere curiosity, became my professional life's priority.

In January 2016 I enrolled a course with Treehouse Inc, and that is how the adventure started. I chose a tech degree as a Front Web Developer to excel at something I thoroughly enjoy and would love to make my life's career out of.


Front-end Development

My front-end skills include HTML | CSS/SASS | Javascript / Typescript / JQuery / React / Vue.js / Nuxt.js | PHP / Laravel Blade | jest | Core Web Vitals

Back-end Development

My back-end skills include PostgreSQL / mySQL | Linux | CLI / bash | PHP / Laravel / Lumen | PHPUnit | Docker | Node.js | AWS | Vercel

Other Skills

Other skills include Git | webpack | Responsive design | Best Practices | Accessibility | Performances | Server security


Here some of the side projects I have been working since I have started my journey to be a Full-Stack Developer.

Baden Baden Brewery

Baden Baden Brewery

Live Page

This project is for the Baben Baben Brewery based in Madrid. After some talks we decided to bring the old website from Wix to a custom code project in Next.js and Typescript. Beside making it more modern we also added the beer list and food menu in the new version.

Luminol film

Luminol film

Live Page

This is my 1st project done in Wordpress for a multimedia studio based in Italy. After long time working for companies, the studio decided to take an alternative route and create a new website in search for new clients and expand horizonts.

Costanzo Laini

costanzo laini website

Live Page

This project is for Costanzo Laini, a musician based in Madrid. Is important for a Musician to have an up to date responsive website, it's his own business card and, needs to be able to show his bands to everyone in all types of devices.


blitz 8 website

Live Page

This project is for an IT company located in Italy. The customer needed to updates the old website to the new standards due to the customers needs of being able to view the website on all types of devices.

Ogun Afrobeat

costanzo laini website

Old Live Page

This project is for Ogún Afrobeat, a band based in Madrid. Alongside with their Facebook page, that is their main connection with the fans to promote the band and the concerts, they need a website when they work with agencies.

View more projects

more projects

GitHub profile

If you are interested to to know what I have done over the last few years you can see few of my public projects (I have more private repos like this website) on my GitHub profile.


If you are interested in chatting or want more information about what i've been working on, i'd love to hear from you!